Welcome to the Worlds of A.J. Nix

Explore the Imaginative Realms of Science-Fiction Fantasy

Explore the Worlds of A.J. Nix

Immerse yourself in the captivating worlds created by A.J. Nix, a talented science-fiction fantasy writer. With a unique blend of seriousness and humor, she takes readers on unforgettable journeys to the future and not too distant future. Explore themes of spirituality, coming of age, and the complex relationships between parents and children.

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Alice by A.J. Nix

In a world where the old outnumber the young, single mother Alice tries to make ends meet and realize her dreams. Taken hostage by her ransomware compromised house, the course of her life will never be the same. Find "Alice" in the anthology, After the Peak...coming soon.

a bookshelf filled with lots of books in a room
a bookshelf filled with lots of books in a room

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About A.J. Nix

Talented science-fiction fantasy writer, A.J. Nix has been a dedicated educator for over twenty years. Growing up, she lived with host families in several countries and has a reverence for how different cultures come together. She lives with her cat, toddler, and husband. In her elusive free time, she listens to Hearts of Space, eats chocolate, and binge watches British Science Fiction. Join A.J. Nix on an extraordinary adventure into the realms of imagination.

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